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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kitchen Set-up

A few weeks ago or maybe it's been a month or so by now some girls on the message board I frequent asked how people organize their counter space. I have been blessed with wonderful counter space and have set my kitchen up into "stations." Here a few pics of my kitchen and maybe it will help you when you are trying to find room on the counter for everything!

A snapshot of the entire kitchen.

My favorite part of the kitchen! On the left is my "coffee station" with the coffee pot, toaster, and the cabinets above hold all of the coffee, tea and mugs. Obviously the middle is the stove. On the right is my "baking station" with my canisters and my KitchenAid (which is in the corner and you can see it in the picture above).

Sink and "prep station" with the knives and spices.

This area is kind of a "miscellaneous station" with the microwave, cookbooks, bread, etc. I do a lot of prepping of meals here too. Also notice the empty wine rack - I think I need to remedy that!

So there you have my kitchen. Maybe it will help you to organize yours a little bit more. Maybe not. But at least I tried!
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  1. you have a beautiful kitchen! Your kitchen is about twice as big as mine : )

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